Johannesburg Roads Agency building
The Johannesburg Roads Agency building in the city centre.

Project Proposal Application Form

The Project Proposal Application Form is an official form for filmmakers to request the GFC or any other government body to help facilitate the completion of their project.

Guidelines for Location Filming in Gauteng

The GFC's Guidelines for Location Filming in Gauteng clarifies roles and responsibilities, gives filmmakers clear guidance on location filming requirements and provides information on locations with particular requirements. The document includes a locations code of conduct, tips for “green” filming, general location filming guidelines, legislation affecting filming as well as proposals for dealing with shoots that contravene permit conditions.

Guide to Getting Started in Film and TV

Getting into the film, TV and digital media industry is not only an art but a skill. To help you become a part of this exciting and evolving media landscape, the GFC has compiled a valuable Guide to Getting Started in Film and TV to help aspiring young filmmakers find entry opportunities.

A to Z Guide to Studios in Gauteng

The result of a 2010 survey of the studios available in Gauteng and what they offer, the A to Z Guide to Studios in Gauteng provides all the details needed for local and foreign filmmakers.

Project Gaullywood

In 2007, the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) commissioned Project Gaullywood: Tracking the State of the Gauteng Film and TV Industry, a comprehensive investigation into the size, scope and impact of the Gauteng film production industry.

In particular this study incorporated:

  • A comprehensive contextual and situational analysis of the Gauteng audiovisual market, including:
    • Review of global trends, best practices and industry benchmarks
    • Review of the Gauteng and South African audiovisual markets
    • Sector competitiveness assessment
  • Reporting on current international and national best practice as regards the activities of Film Commissions/ Offices.

This research is now widely considered one of the most comprehensive sources of sector data in the country and for the first time adequately presents the social and economic benefits that are accrued to the province through film.

Access to Information Manual

GFC Annual Reports